Classic Car Repair

Been thinking about your Muscle Car, Hot Rod or Classic car restoration? Why let that classic ride sit idle another day? You want to keep your dream ride for a long time ‎and with Trident Automotive the engine for your car restoration is crafted for the long haul,  no detail being unnoticed or forgotten. We provide rebuilt engines used for car restoration, A/C conversions, and engine serving – making sure all your classic car needs are met. 
We take great pride in our ability to restore your original engine and will carefully clean, inspect for fatigue and casting flaws, making sure that your valuable engine will provide you with years of worry free performance. With our state of the art equipment and highly trained technicians we revive your tired engine back to original and most times higher than original performance levels.

Your old car engine needs to be maintained in order to perform it’s best and last a long time. Classic Car Maintenance includes proper oil changes, correct coolant and coolant level, and a good tune-up. Heat is the enemy of internal combustion engines. By nature, the air/fuel mixture igniting inside your engine produces a lot of heat. It is the function of the cooling system to keep the engine temperature at a safe level. Plain and simple, overheating causes engine failure. Trident professionals are able to maintain your cooling system and find leaks before major damage occurs. 

Before computer-controlled engines, the ‘brain’ of the engine was the camshaft. Vehicle weight, engine compression, transmission type – these factors and others must be considered when choosing the right cam for your engine. ‎Trident Auto can help you replace or repair your classic engine with the right camshaft to keep that high performance you are looking for. We sknow automotive restoration is more than just an old car in your garage – we believe in commitment and quality to build you a masterpiece to take pride in for more years to come.